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Insight into the role of an aviation consultant and filming with private and commuter jets.

Aces High Top 5 World War Two Productions

In anticipation of the new Catch 22 series we aerial coordinated here is our Top 5 World War Two Productions we’ve worked on.Valkyrie Very few people know about the time when Hitler and his Nazi officers stepped disembarked from our aircraft to meet Major General von...

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Filming on or with a Private Jet

Private jets or Executive Jets are one of the things we get asked to source the most from producers. They are popular with many projects including Dramas, Action films, Adverts and Music videos.   As you are aware private jets cost millions of pounds...

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The best solutions for filming on an airliner or commuter jet

After 9/11 airport security has become tighter and filming on airliners, especially airside has become more difficult. Our most common enquiry from production companies is to provide interiors for commuter planes. This could be for narrow bodied for short haul flights...

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Mike Woodley – Aviation Consultant case study ‘Spectre’

Aviation Consultant Case study – Spectre (2015) A lot of people are interested in the role of Aviation consultant and the process of aerial coordinating and aviation consulting for films so we have decided to write this blog about what we bring to productions and the...

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Mike Woodley  was also interviewed by Get into Flying and you can read the post “Flying on Film