After 9/11 airport security has become tighter and filming on airliners, especially airside has become more difficult.

Our most common enquiry from production companies is to provide interiors for commuter planes. This could be for narrow bodied for short haul flights and wide bodied for long.

Below I will talk about three films we have worked on and how we helped the production get the shots they desired. I will not talk about aircraft exteriors but if you are looking to shoot outside an airliner please visit our Dunsfold Boeing 747 page.






This star studded film featuring Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Rachel Weisz, wanted a modern wide bodied airliner interior with working TV’s in the back of the seats. Our standard chairs didn’t have this so we sourced some that could be dressed in.

After removing the old seats and replacing them with the new we worked closely with the art department to dress the plane as if it was a flight to Brazil. As you can see from the photos the set up was quite a simple economy cabin but the seats really bring it to life.

Airline seating used in the film 360
Airline seating used in the film 360


Set in the 1970’s Rush is a period film about the rivalry of racecar drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt. The scene demanded a 1st class cabin that was authentic and correct for the time period.

After a few recces and discussions it was decided that we would use the nose of our Dunsfold Boeing 747. 747’s have been around since the late 60’s and luckily for us the design hasn’t changed much. We were able to retrofit the cabin and found period seats that worked in the space. Just add some brown fabric, cigarette smoke and a bar to complete the scene.

Rush character
Rush airline seats 1970s 1st class cabin

The Carrier

A UK indie film needed a short haul commuter plane but didn’t have the money to hire a flying one. We recommended a Jetstream which is a British built plane that was the right size and shape.

The film crew were able to use a static one that we had sourced for a separate film and also use a studio fuselage section we owned for all their interior shots. Our in house team were able to help their art department customize the planes interior for their exact needs. We helped them with seats and replacing all the missing instruments to modernize the cockpit. This is now updated and available for filming.

Jetstream Aircraft
Airline seats for the carrier
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