Aircraft Sets and Studio Mockups for Filming

We own various aircraft sets and studio mockups all built to the highest quality. They have floating walls and can be flat packed for easy transport. If you can’t find what you are looking for on here the chances are we can build or source it.

Airline toilet set

A free standing airline toilet set. It’s lit and ready to film on. All walls float and taps work.

737 Narrow bodied airliner interior

A narrow bodied airliner interior ready for shooting on. It is fully lit with LED’s and the choice of daylight of tungsten lighting. It is completely film friendly and transportable to the studios.

New standing private jet set

A new ready to film on private jet set. Already assembled and lit, ready to shoot on in our studio near London.

Gulfstream 1V Executive Jet

Gulfstream 1V executive jet interior (ex Da Vinci Code and Panic Button). This is available, ready for studio use pre packed in a 40 ft container. So can be built/constructed to remit in the studio.

Spitfire studio ready cockpit

One of the most iconic British aircraft ever built. This studio ready cockpit is easy top transport and extremely film friendly.

Jetstream studio interior

This newly refurbished jetstream studio interior fills the demand for a narrow bodies short commuter plane. It’s full lights up and the cockpit comes alive. Easily transportable to the studios on an a standard truck.

F4 Phantom fighter jet cockpit

Perfect for studio work, green screen and dressing.

WW2 P51 mustang cockpit

Ideal for green screen, gimbal and studio work. Easily transportable and close to London.