Classic Dunsfold Boeing 747

Available for filming, television, stills and specialist training.
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Dunsfold Boeing 747

The Dunsfold Boeing 747 is available for filming, television, stills and specialist training. It’s owned by aviation experts Aviation Filming Ltd, a company with over thirty years experience in helping advertising executives, television and film producers achieve aviation shots.

We can help you get the perfect shot and configure the set up of the Boeing 747 to meet your specific filming requirements.

The Dunsfold Boeing 747 provides a unique filming location for aircraft shots.

Dunsfold Boeing 747 exterior front

Boeing 747 Exterior

Exterior images of the Boeing 747.

Dunsfold Boeing 747 Cockpit

Boeing 747 Cockpit

Boeing 747 aircraft cockpit.

Dunsfold Boeing 747 1st class cabin

Boeing 747 1st Class Cabin

1st Class seating in the Boeing 747 aircraft.

Dunsfold Boeing 747 Economy Seating

Boeing 747 Economy Seating

Economy seating in the Boeing 747 aircraft.

Dunsfold Boeing 747 Business Class

Boeing 747 Business Class Cabin

Business Class Seating in the Boeing 747

NEW Dunsfold Boeing 747 Economy Seating

NEW Dunsfold 747 Economy Seating

Updated seats with entertainment systems, new carpets and lighting.

The Boeing 747 airplane is based at Dunsfold Airfield in Surrey, offering a unique filming location for shots inside and outside the jet.

Before you ask, and as crazy as it sounds, yes, it’s the real McCoy! Built by Boeing in 1985 G-BDXA “Spirit of Birmingham” served with British Airways before being purchased by us in 2005 and flown into Dunsfold airfield, Surrey.

She has a modern airline interior including First Class, Business Class and Economy seating – all in great condition.  We can supply a range of different seats to suit your production: old, new, various colours and configurations and a choice of in-flight entertainment.

There is also a full and complete Boeing 747 cockpit, with every instrument just as BA left it. In fact she’s still very much alive. Bring the power up and everything works from the major avionic items in the cockpit, the galleys, the air con right down to the ding dong of the public address system. The plane features a full size toilet set, a choice of seating arrangements and a snorkel lift is also available.

The aircraft is kept plain white with a blue tail providing an excellent blank canvas for detailing to your requirements.  She’s stared in many adverts and TV productions. Westlife used her for a recent video shoot and 007 personally saved her from the bad guys during Casino Royale. Ever spotted the Jumbo in the background of Top Gear? Yep, that’s the one.

The Boeing 747 aircraft has featured in many feature films, television series, music videos and advertisements including:

Casino Royal – James Bond

Airport Chase

The Day Of The Triffids – BBC One

Plane Crash

Westlife ‘Home’

Westlife’s official music video for ‘Home’

The Carrier

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Last Chance Harvey, WWZ, 360, Johnny English 2, Airborne, Come Fly with Me (BBC), Top Gear (BBC), Seconds to Disaster, Westlife – Home (Music Video)