Close to London and extremely film friendly.

Airport Location

Dunsfold hosts a large family of screen-ready aircraft including (but not limited to) 747s, private jets, helicopters, jet streams and C47 military cargo haulers. A full list is available here, though aside from the fleet, Dunsfold is equipped with a wide array of facilities at very reasonable rates.

Aircraft from Valkyrie
Band of brothers

Film Studio

Our capacious hangar spaces can be utilised as a studio or location: planes can be parked if required for a backdrop and the space dressed appropriately to suit your needs. They can also serve as studio space where one of our plane fuselages can be built on site and placed for interior shots or green screen, for example a cockpit or toilet cubicle. A short distance from London, many industry professionals use Dunsfold as a great alternative to big name studios, at much more competitive rates

Lockable Road

Do you have a chase or driving scene to film? Use our own private stretch of road at the back of the airfield. Miles of road and acres of adjoining of land to film and park crew vehicles completely locked off and very private. Far cheaper and easier than requesting to close off a working highway. We have also got plenty of back lots to build whichever kind of set you need – one of ours was recently used to recreate the Calais jungle for the upcoming refugee crisis drama The Flood. Our land also covers nearby forest areas.

Monuments Men Aircraft
Red Tails aircraft

Runway / Test Track

The runways at Dunsfold are proud to host the official Top Gear test track where every kind of car has been put through its paces. The home of the world’s most popular motoring show can also accommodate racing scenes, test driving, stunts and the runways are strong enough even for a 747 to land.

Stunt Testing 

At Dunsfold we hire out space either on hard standing or grass for you to test stunt sequences safely on the secure site. A favourite of big Hollywood productions, Dunsfold can offer you all the space and facilities you need for stunt training and testing.

Red Tails aircraft

Build Space / Backlots

With over 600 Acres of land on Dunsfold park we have plenty of space to build big standing sets. We also have planning consent and local permission on site for film set builds. Because of the size of the site we can offer quiet areas with 360 undisturbed vistas, perfect for timeless / period productions.

Dunsfold airfield is a multifunctional base where you can do everything in one place with great rates. Get in touch with us and find out how much you can accomplish.

Our Credits include Black Widow, Casino Royale, Bohemian Rhapsody, World War Z, Rush, The Crown, Star Wars, Red 2, The Flood, Johnny English 2, London has Fallen, War Machine, Spooks, Top Gear and many more.

Get in Touch

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