Filming Locations – Dunsfold Park Airfield

Located in the beautiful Surrey countryside Dunsfold Park Airfield offers a convenient shooting location for all of your aviation requirements. 13nm west of London Gatwick, the airfield is hidden, discreet and secure. Originally the factory and testing facility for the Harrier Jump Jet, the runway is not only huge (we landed our Jumbo there!) but the lighting still works.

A vast selection of buildings allows you to shoot anything from hangar scenes to terminal scenes. On top of that our office is located at the base of the original control tower, which of course we keep in full working condition.

With such a wide variety of structures and backgrounds it can pass as anything from a local flying club to a major international airport, as it did when it was chosen to represent Miami International Airport during the filming of James Bond 007’s Casino Royale.

Dunsfold Park Airfield

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Control Tower at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome